About Inspired Expired

During 2015 I very much enjoyed my Retro 365 project, using mainly fresh black and white film stock in my vintage camera collection. But I also tried out a few colour films and was quite surprised by the results.

So now I’ve started this blog so I can experiment using old expired film stock – mainly colour print and slide – of various formats and ages, to see what happens. I’m looking forward to some inspired results!

Here are some examples from July 2015, using 10+ years expired Kodak Royal Gold 200 in my Yashica 44 Silver Grey, modified to take 35mm film and expose for the sprockets. I loved the feel of these, and this is partly what drove me to start collecting some expired film to play with further. You get genuine analogue effects, never to be repeated! None of this fake-it-with-filters malarky.

Princelet Street - Walk Past No. 4

Princelet Street – Walk Past No. 4

Wilkes Street - The Avenger

Wilkes Street – The Avenger

Hanbury Street - Costah

Hanbury Street – Costah

Hanbury Street - Eyeballed

Hanbury Street – Eyeballed

Brick Lane - The Door

Brick Lane – The Door

Hanbury Street - Walk Past

Hanbury Street – Walk Past