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Posted by Caz on Sunday, 23rd January 2011
RPS Reference card

RPS Reference card

I’ve been having a tidy up and clear out, and whilst going through some photography-related stuff, I came across this handy little card sent to all RPS members – I think it’s a great idea as you can carry it around in your wallet and read it when you need it.

Thankfully, I’ve never been approached by the Police when out shooting, although I have had some dirty looks from private Security guards, often over zealous in their belief of power. Some of the points below sound equally applicable to them (providing you are not on private property – which is sometimes a little difficult to determine with some places in London!)

The reverse of the card says:

Police Stop And Search Rights Under The Terrorism Act

  • Every person has a right to photograph in a public place.
  • It is not against the law to photograph a police officer undertaking normal duties.
  • The police do have a duty to investigate incidents which may give rise to suspicion.
  • If stopped by a police officer, remain calm and polite.
  • You are not required to give any personal details unless driving a car or you are arrested.
  • Officers may stop and search and view images if they believe they could be used in connection with terrorism.
  • Officers have no powers to delete images.
  • PCSOs may not search without a police officer present.
  • You must be provided with a copy of the Stop & Search slip which will include the officer’s identity.

We all need to be vigilant against terrorism and support the police where possible as well as protect our rights to photograph in a public place. 

Some good advice and I have put the card in my wallet for future reference. I hope you may find the info useful too.

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