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Chelmsford Photowalk #40

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 27th May 2012

Due to atrocious weather, we had to cancel the April walk, and so this one is the next in the line from the March event.

It was a very hot afternoon, but a cooling onshore breeze at Heybridge Basin meant we didn’t cook. Having pottered next to the canal for a bit, and had a refreshing drink, we decided to take a little cruise along the water for an hour. It wasn’t particularly fruitful for pictures, but we were in the shade and there was some enjoyable banter amongst the passengers.

Red White Blue & Rope

Red White Blue & Rope

After disembarking, we took a wander up to the lock and estuary, following the sea wall north for half a mile before heading back inland. Not the most strenuous of outings, but it was good to see Adrian and Cy again.

Here are the rest of the images from the trip:

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