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Now We Are Six *

Posted by Caz on Friday, 22nd June 2012
Gaudí′s Soldiers III

Gaudí′s Soldiers III

Gaudí′s Soldiers I

Gaudí′s Soldiers I

Well, it hardly seems possible but my photo blog is Six years old today!

Happy Birthday Blog!

My very first post was quite a short affair, talking about my a trip to Barcelona I had just taken. I tend to write a bit more now, it’s interesting to see how the style has changed over the last six years.

Originally the photographic posts were in amongst my main geek blog, but I soon realised I had two distinct audiences and so started the photo blog seperately. It’s lived at several different addresses too, but finally settled at sometime in 2008, when I moved the archive permanently here.

Here’s to a dozen!

* with apologies to A A Milne…

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