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Day #366

Posted by Caz on Monday, 31st December 2012

Day #366 Title: Going Nuts
Notes: The toys enjoyed themselves this evening at a New Year’s Eve party with lots of friends. They would also like to thank everyone for their kind comments and views over the past 366 days. Although they won’t be in a picture every day in 2013, the Toybox will be back at least once a week for Toybox Challenge 2013.

Day #316

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 11th November 2012

Day #316 Title: Fancy Earrings
Notes: Me and Leo went with Caz on a walk to find some tupperware this afternoon. In one box there was a fancy pair of earrings for swap. I thought they were rather fetching but unfortunately we didn’t have anything with us to put in the box, so we left them behind.

Day #264

Posted by Caz on Thursday, 20th September 2012

Day #264 Title: Don’t Look Down
Notes: Today Caz took us to visit the cool Tokyo Tower. It has a really big viewing platform where you can look out across Tokyo. And if you are brave enough, there is also a bit with a glass floor where you can look down the legs of the tower and see what’s at the bottom! Lots of people were being wussy and would not tread on it, but we didn’t have any fear – just don’t look down if you don’t like heights!

Day #261

Posted by Caz on Monday, 17th September 2012

Day #261 Title: Sumo! Sumo! Sumo!
Notes: We have had such an exciting day today watching lots of fat men wrestling in a sandpit! We went to see the Grand Sumo tournament at the big Kokugikan with Caz and her Japanese friend Tomoo. We were shouting along with everyone else, although we’re not really sure who won! This is us standing next to a big statue of a famous Sumo wrestler, outside the hall. Do you think we should rub his belly for good luck?