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Day #362

Posted by Caz on Thursday, 27th December 2012

Day #362 Title: Here Comes Springtime
Notes: Jeero found a lovely yellow Daffodil today, so he thinks it must be Springtime already. Then he was asking why it was still so cold he needed to wear his hoodie. I tried explaining that the Daff was just an ornament found at our friend’s house, but he was having none of it, waving his arms and shouting “look, a fresh Daffamodil!”

Day #329

Posted by Caz on Saturday, 24th November 2012

Day #329 Title: Colourblind
Notes: I think some of my Domos might be colourblind… I asked Bergy, Juicy and Jelly to pick the sweet wrappers which were the same colour as them and look what happened! But knowing the Domos, they probably just did it to mess with my mind! Come to think of it, there was a lot of giggling going on…