Day #139

Day #139Title: Grazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Location: Walnut Tree Farm, Great Waltham
Camera: Canon EOS 300D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: Have been kicking myself that I didn’t go out this morning when there was more sun to be had, but I was busy with jobs before lunch. I managed to have a pleasant potter around the village of Pleshey this afternoon, enjoying a cream tea in the churchyard, which they serve every two weeks (proceeds towards the church restoration fund). On the way home, I also stopped for a look around Great Waltham which has a nice church and Elizabethan Manor house. But the sun wasn’t really playing ball, so I drove home across the back lanes via Chignall. I noticed these two horses grazing in a field at Walnut Tree Farm, and was taking pictures when the pheasant rather obligingly wandered across the field.

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  1. There’s an almost painterly quality to this picture. I think it is to do with the way the green and yellow come together. Absolutely delightful!

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