Day #3293

Posted by Caz on Thursday, 5th January 2017

Day #3293Title: Cherry Blossom Flare
Location: At home
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / Lensbaby Scout / Fisheye Optic 12mm f/4
Notes: I snagged a bargain on eBay the other day – a Lensbaby Scout to fit my EOS 5DMkIII and 12mm Fisheye Optic, for about a fifth of the cost to buy new. It arrived in the post today, so I had a bit of fun playing with my pink LED tree. While Canon’s 8-15mm Fisheye strives to minimize internal flare, the Lensbaby optic goes all out to embrace it. Of course, you get a different sort of picture, but that’s the point. Some examples from 2013, 2014 and 2015 show you what great results I got. I loved the Canon lens to bits, but couldn’t justify keeping it for the amount of time I used it. However, this Lensbaby optic can be used on my 5D for almost-circular fisheye results, akin to the Canon at 8mm (you could fake it easily enough with a black mask). But when used on my Panasonic Micro 4/3rds bodies (the GH3 and GX7) with my Composer Pro, it will produce results much like the full frame fisheye effect of the Canon at 15mm. A double win, for just over fifty quid! And since you can’t get much more distorted than a fisheye lens, it makes a perfect shot for Treasure Hunt Theme #26 – Distorted.
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