Day #3313

Posted by Caz on Wednesday, 25th January 2017

Day #3313Title: Routemaster Reflections
Location: Wivenhoe Park, Essex
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GX7 / Lensbaby Composer Pro / Sweet 35mm f/2.5
Notes: I was in Colchester again today to give a couple of training sessions for clients this afternoon and evening. But I had a bit of time this morning for a very cold and foggy walk around Wivenhoe Park, the campus for the University of Essex. Dad worked there for many years before he retired, and I used to know it well, but I haven’t visited and had a good walk around for at least 10 years. It has changed quite a lot since then, with new buildings springing up all over the place. This is a reflection of the new Students’ Centre in one of the big lakes. I liked the way it was cantilevered to apparently float above the water. I was also very surprised to see the old Routemaster bus in the distance – it was a long way from home! But “home” is now apparently here as a static snack bar selling bacon butties to passing students. It provided a welcome splash of colour in an otherwise fairly limited palette.
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