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Day #3632

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 10th December 2017

Day #3632Title: Winter Postcard From Galleywood
Location: Galleywood, Essex
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GX8 / Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 Lumix G X Vario ASPH Power OIS
Notes: We haven’t had a decent snowfall in Essex for a few years. There were light dustings on Day #3300 (Jan this year) and Day #2591 (Feb 2015) but it didn’t hang around for long. I think Feb 2013 was the last time we had enough to grind things to a halt for a little while! I woke up this morning to about 1cm but it carried on snowing heavily for a couple of hours, and by the time I went out for a walk up to Galleywood (leaving the car safely sleeping under its white blanket), there was about 5-6cm of accumulation. It looked very pretty as usual. But I was seriously wondering if I was getting frostbite at one point, as my toes had gone from painfully cold to completely numb, despite two pairs of socks on in my wellies. Eventually I managed to coax enough feeling into them to walk home! We are possibly expecting more tomorrow, which is a pain because I need to go to London and it will probably cause chaos on the trains. Thus endeth my note for Treasure Hunt Theme #49 – Postcards.
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