Day #3862

Posted by Caz on Saturday, 28th July 2018

Day #3862Title: 1(1) 2 3 4 5
Location: Great Portland Street, London
Camera: Apple iPhone 5s / Rear Lens, 29mm f/2.2 equivalent
Notes: As a dyed-in-the-wool morgenmuffel, having to arrive at work in central London by 8am on a Saturday is my idea of hell, but needs must when the bills have to be paid. The alarm went off at 5am, and I crawled out of bed. Thanks to the trains being relatively thin on the ground at that time on a Saturday, I could either arrive 25 minutes early or 10 late. I chose to be early. But at least the walk from Great Portland Street tube to Portland Place was quite and cool at that time. I stopped by the door of No. 115 to make this picture – I liked all the letterboxes at different levels. We have seen a corner of this mosaic floor before, back on Day #1625.
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