Day #3926

Day #3926Title: QR Square
Location: At home
Camera: Apple iPhone 5s / Rear Lens, 29mm f/2.2 equivalent
Notes: This next week I’m travelling up to Newcastle to display a full selection of my Micropolis builds at a new LEGO show in the Discovery Museum. Rather than handing out wasteful business cards with my website details on, I built this Micropolis block called QR Square, which is a real, scan-able QR code! It should take you to a page on my website showing you where to find all my LEGO content around the web. To the punters of Micropolis, it just looks like a rather modern park with different coloured paving slabs, a few ponds and some carefully placed hedges. Seen directly from above, it’s a different story! Perfect for 52 Weeks 2018 – Topic 9, Something That Begins With Q.
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