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30th Mono MayHem ’16

Taken by Caz on Monday, 30th May 2016

Shorn The Sheep
Title: Shorn The Sheep
Location: Mundon, Essex
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GX7 / Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 Lumix G X Vario ASPH Power OIS
Notes: Bank Holiday weekend and its’ freezing. These poor sheep had just been shorn and were bleating at the loss of their fleeces. At least they provided a bit of foreground interest for the stark shapes of the Mundon Oaks in the distance.

22nd Mono MayHem ’15

Taken by Caz on Friday, 22nd May 2015

Shadows On A Bucket
Title: Shadows On A Bucket
Location: At home
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: I’ve been working in the garden for most of the afternoon. This is the state of my lawn – waving in the breeze! I will need to mow it tomorrow – in the meantime I’ve been clearing and pruning a corner which had become very overgrown.

Light On The Lock

Taken by Caz on Tuesday, 4th February 2014

Light On The LockTitle: Light At The Lock
Location: Little Baddow
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / 17-40mm EF f/4 L USM
Notes: I caught a few rays of sunshine at the flooded Little Baddow Lock this afternoon. The water is already over the top of the upstream gate and flowing steadily over the downstream gate, with debris jammed everywhere. More rain to come – it can only get worse!

20th MoNovember ’13

Taken by Caz on Wednesday, 20th November 2013

A Seat In The Sun
Title: A Seat In The Sun
Location: Chelmer Park
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF5 / 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 IOS Pancake
Notes: We made the most of the sunshine this afternoon with a cold walk around Chelmer Park. We didn’t stop to take a seat here, but did admire the shadows as we passed.

3rd MoNovember ’13

Taken by Caz on Sunday, 3rd November 2013

Under Bare Boughs

Title: Under Bare Boughs
Location: Hylands Park, Chelmsford
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / 8-15mm Fisheye EF f/4 L USM
Notes: I enjoyed a long walk to Hylands Park for an impromptu photowalk with a couple of friends this afternoon. The sun was in and out, but I made sure I lined this view up, then waited for the sun to come out.