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Composition #6 – Using Repetition

Posted by Caz on Tuesday, 20th February 2007

Repetition can be appealing, but too much of the same thing can be boring.

Instead, take subjects which show repetition but with a slight difference:

  • Similar objects, of different sizes or focus
  • Similar objects, of different colours
  • Similar objects, in different positions


[Pencils I – the variation here is colour, size and position – the ends of the pencils were all lined up, and the difference in their lengths was entirely down to how much they had been used in the past]

[Windows Within Windows – foreground windows repeat uniformly, their reflected counterparts all suffer from different distortions in the glass]

[The Table Setting – a simple found still-life shot – the wine glasses, condiment set and red gerbera, each of different sizes and gradually getting less sharp as they get further back]

[Floral Details II – the blooms repeat in different positions and gradually less focussed further back in the picture]

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