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Composition #7 – Fill The Frame, Or Not?

Posted by Caz on Tuesday, 20th February 2007

Nobody wants to play “hunt the interesting bit” with your photos! So get in close, and fill the frame. Remember:

“If it’s not good enough, you’re not close enough”

[Good advice for all except war photographers and wild animal specialists]

Or, make a point of not filling the frame, but giving the picture some “positive space” – a tricky thing to define, but examples should make things clearer. The skill is knowing which to go for under what circumstances!


[It Takes Allsorts – get in close, fill the frame]

[Lovely Bubbly Aero – get in close, then fill your tum after the photo shoot!]

[The Racing Line – most of the frame is empty track, but having the car so far off to the right does give an impression it’s struggling to stay on the tarmac]

[The Red Roof – most of the picture is sky, but the gull and hut balance each other well]

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