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Coast & Cornwall Day 3 – Teignmouth & Heligan

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 29th April 2007

Lots more driving today, from Weymouth to St. Austell. I did a little detour for lunch in Teignmouth and found a pleasant little town with a picturesque bay:

[Rowing Boats beached in Teignmouth Bay]

It was late afternoon by the time I arrived in St. Austell, and I was in need of a cuppa and a cream tea – so headed to the Lost Gardens of Heligan just in time for last entry at 4:30pm. Having fortified myself with tea and scones, I pottered around the North Gardens until they were turning folks out at six.

[Black velvet tulips in Heligan]

As well as the cultivated flowers, I found some natural visitors:

[A Red Admiral perches on an Azalea bloom]

It’s off to The Eden Project tomorrow, so expect a few more flora and fauna shots. The internet connections have been a bit flakey, so not sure when I’ll be able to post the next day’s stuff, but I’ll do my best.

See a few more photos taken today.

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