Limit Yourself: Picture Elements

In these Limit Yourself posts, I’m going to take one element of picture making and suggest you pare it down to the minimum and see what happens.

We are all given thousands of choices every day, and even with photography there are so many ways to take a particular scene or image that sometimes it’s hard to decide what is best.

For the first topic, I suggest limiting yourself to one or two picture elements and try to take as may different set-ups and compositions as you can. See how each changes the mood or feeling of the picture.

Initally, I started off with rather too many elements:

Too much clutterThere’s too much stuff, and the central composition was rather boring. So I cut it down.

Here’s what I did with just two pieces of paper and a couple of feathers:

Feathers To The Left[Feathers to the Left – they were different sizes, so I knew I wanted to accentuate the asymmetry]

Feathers to the right[Feathers to the Right – a different balance with them this way round]

Vertical and straight Vertical and diagonal Two vertical format versions, each with its own merit. I quite like the diagonal which is now creeping in – it give the shot a bit more dynamism.

Diagonal And Slanted[Diagonal and slanted backwards – this limits depth of field whilst still retaining the diagonal]

In the end, I decided to go with this composition for Day #741. It’s just my personal preference, but it was worth experimenting to see which I liked best.

Why not have a go at limiting yourself too?

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