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Canon EOS 7D Camera Tests

Posted by Caz on Friday, 18th June 2010
Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS 7D

I have recently bought myself a new DSLR – the Canon EOS 7D – as an upgrade of my 3-year-old 30D. The 30D has had a hard life, particularly recently where it’s been used every day in 2009 and a fair proportion of 2010 so far.

I didn’t want to opt for a full-frame camera like the 5D, mainly because of the extra 1.6x lens factor conversion which I gain with using the smaller sensor of the 7D. That’s a particular advantage for sports and wildlife photography. And I’ve no doubt the 7D will produce images which will print up to A3 perfectly well, without resorting to a full frame body.

Canon EOS 7D Rear

Canon EOS 7D Rear

The new 7D has an excellent technical specification, building on past technology of the EOS range. I’m very used to Canon’s user menus and have expensive Canon-fit lenses to go with it, so I wasn’t about to jump ship and buy a different make.

DPReview have written up their extensive test of the camera, if you have time to read all 31 pages!

So far, I’ve only had the camera a few days but have been able to get out and about with it for a few test shots:

When I’ve had the camera a few months, I hop to write a more in-depth review as I’ve got to use it more and found its strengths and weaknesses.

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