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Broken EOS

Posted by Caz on Thursday, 3rd March 2011

Last Friday my 8-month-old EOS 7D broke while I was in Bournemouth. I hadn’t bashed it, it just stopped taking anything but black frames and showed Error 30 – a  bit of googling threw up the fact that this meant shutter trouble, and apart from reseating the battery, the advice was to take it for repair. A broken camera is the stuff of nightmares for a serial-365er, but luckily I had taken my Lumix GF1 along too, so I wasn’t left without means of picture making all weekend.

Colchester Camera Repair ServiceCome Monday, I went straight to Colchester Camera Repair Serivce with the EOS for a warranty checkup. They said it could take up to a week, and I explained that it would be great if I could get it back by close of play on Thursday as I really needed it for a shoot over the weekend. They said they would see what could be done.

A mere 48 hours later, they rang me to say it was fixed and ready for pickup! How’s that for service? I was very pleased and went over straight away to collect it.

The odd thing is, even though I’d only been without it for 2 days, using the old EOS 30D during that time had seemed rather clunky. It’s great to have it as a backup but once you move forward, it’s hard to go back again.

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