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Dai’s Daily Dairy

Finally, Dai has badgered me sufficiently to put together his photobook, Daily Dragon 2010. Here’s a sneak preview of the first 15 pages:

It’s a 7″x7″ softcover, with a big fat 190 pages packed with pictures and stories. Kids of all ages* will enjoy it! I have yet to see the first copy (it’s on its way), but I’m sure it will live up to expectations!

*this includes those kids over 21…

New Book – 2009, A Year In Pictures

I’ve finally pulled my finger out and finished off another Blurb photobook from my 2009 Photo A Day project. It’s quite time-consuming to put together, but the end result is definitely worth it. Now it’s off being printed, and I can’t wait to see what a hard copy looks like.

You can see a 25-page preview of the book online, it is a large-format hardback with 80 pages and paper dust jacket. More details on how to purchase are on the Blurb website.

Here are a few pages for you to have a look at:

2009 Page Samples 1 2009 Page Samples 2 2009 Page Samples 3 2009 Page Samples 4

New Book – Essex Lanscapes

I’m very pleased to report that I have just self-published another book via Blurb, this time focussing on Essex Landscapes Through The Seasons. You can purchase the book directly from me for £25 (without postage, if I can meet you for delivery) or from the Blurb website (£25.95 + p&p).

Some people are quite skeptical about the merits of Essex, and I wanted to show that it’s not all like Dagenham – there are some beautiful spots to be found if you know where to look. The majority of the images have been taken within about 5 miles of Chelmsford, but there are also pictures from all corners of the county.

Here are a few example pages from the Spring section (click the images to see a bigger version):

2008 – A Year In Pictures – The Book!

I am rather pleased that I have finally managed to self-publish my Project366 images as a book, thanks to the rather nice folks at It is available to purchase directly from their website, and is a 76-page full colour hardback edition. Here is a sneak preview of some of the pages:

January 2008 Pages

[Above – January 2008 sample pages]

February 2008

[Above – February 2008 sample pages]

March 2008

[Above – March 2008 sample pages]

April 2008

[Above – April 2008 sample pages]

May 2008

[Above – May 2008 sample pages]

June 2008

[Above – June 2008 sample pages]

July 2008

[Above – July 2008 sample pages]

August 2008

[Above – August 2008 sample pages]

September 2008

[Above – September 2008 sample pages]

October 2008

[Above – October 2008 sample pages]

November 2008

[Above – November 2008 sample pages]

December 2008

[Above – December 2008 sample pages]

I would be interested in your feedback.