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From The Archives – Space Shuttle

Posted by Caz on Wednesday, 13th July 2011
STS-61 Endeavour on the launch pad

STS-61 Endeavour on the launch pad

When you’ve been taking photos as long as I have (over 25 years!), you inevitably end up with a very large archive. So large, that you often forget what’s in there.

Today, I went trawling for slides from my 1993 trip to Florida (having just booked myself another trip there for early next year). I knew I’d taken some interesting stuff at Kennedy Space Center (I’m bound to have, being a space geek) but I had completely forgotten that I’d actually taken shots of
STS-61 Space Shuttle Endeavour being readied on pad 39B for her mission on 2nd December of that year. It was a lovely surprise!

OK, so I may not have ever seen a shuttle launch live, but I do have a small connection with the NASA space programme after all. <warm feeling /> πŸ™‚

STS-61 through the bus window

STS-61 through the bus window

If you’re interested, these slides were taken on Kodachrome 200 with my Canon EOS600 film SLR. Probably with the 75-300 EF lens I had at the time. They were through the tour bus window, so the quality’s not great, but never mind!

I tried resurrecting my film scanner to capture these but gave up in favour of using my Canon EOS 7D with the 60mm EF-S f/2.8 macro lens. The slides were lit from behind with my YN560 flash at 1/128 power through my DIY softbox. A bit of spotting and touch up Β in post production and here you are. Simples!

Actually, I’ve decided that trawling through my back catalogue is a fun game, so I have made a new section of the website to showcase some of my older stuff. Visit the Archives to see more!