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Comments and thoughts on my ongoing Photo-A-Day project.

A Thematic Look At Project Infinity

I reached Day #2000  of what I’ve now dubbed “Project Infinity” on 22nd June 2013. Since then, I have been working hard to put together a set of exhibition panels showing the first 2000 days of my journey. A new website gallery is the product, and shows the thematic mosaics.

Here is the hanging plan for the panels:

Hanging Plan
Hanging Plan

The 20 themes are as follows:

Project 366/2012 – A Year In Review

So another year has drawn to a conclusion. Here’s my review of my 2012 Year In Pictures.

A few Statistics

For those of you that like numbers, here are some stats:

Pictures made at home: 89/366 = 24.3%
Pictures made within 5 miles of home: 90/366 = 24.6%
Pictures made further away: 187/366 = 51.1%

Pictures made with Canon G12 Compact: 44/366 = 12.0%
Pictures made with Panasonic GF1 Compact: 120/366 = 32.8%
Pictures made with DSLR (Canon EOS 7D): 202/366 = 55.3%

Compared to last year, I made more pictures further from home in 2012, and used the 7D a bit less, but with the addition of the G12 which largely took up the slack.

And in case you care, here are my favourite and least favourite shots from each month:

Month Fave Least Fave
January Day #1472 – Crown Jewels Day #1482 – Fastening
February Day #1511 – Brick Lane Bro’s Day #1504 – Blue Hue
March Day #1533 – Ribbon Visits The Toffee Factory Day #1541 – Medreich
April Day #1573 – Mind The Gap – Revisited Day #1570 – Dreary View
May Day #1590 – Face Down May Day #1608 – Ceanothus
June Day #1629 – Don’t Play With Fire Day #1617 – Thinking Outside The Box
July Day #1666 – Royal Victoria Docks Day #1674 – In The Pipeline
August Day #1681 – The Bolt Of Lightning Day #1690 – Blueberry Shake
September Day #1718 – Torii Tunnel Day #1728 – View From The 10th **
October Day #1748 – Walls Have Eyes Day #1755 – Creepy
November Day #1777 – Purple & Pink Splash Day #1776 – A Mother’s Love
December Day #1808 – In The Blink Of An Eye * Day #1812 – Tappety Tap

* Pic of the Year: Day #1808 – In The  Blink Of An Eye
Day #1808

** Dud of the Year: Day #1728 – View From The 10th
Day #1728

Final Thoughts

I’m very pleased with 2012’s images. I think it’s without a doubt the best year I’ve had so far. I’ve visited some fantastic places which have given me great photographic opportunities. But I’ve also experimented more at home, trying out new things such as better water drops and light painting. Once again, it’s been a great learning experience.

Of course, I’m not stopping during 2013. It’s just as addictive as always ;-)

April ’12 Review

April was a busy month as I started back at the BBC for a 7 week contract. So not as much free time as I have had in the recent past. But the weekends still provided some interesting opportunities for photography.

I haven’t got any tickets for the upcoming Olympic events, but did manage to get along to the Canoeing Trials in mid-April. This was another dramatic shot from the day:

Angled Paddle, Olympic Canoeing Trials
Angled Paddle, Olympic Canoeing Trials

I also hosted a special visitor for a fortnight – Sunny Trekker the Travelling Domo. He was great fun to photograph and take around. He even came to work with me:

Sunny At Television Centre
Sunny At Television Centre

At the end of the month I enjoyed an overnight stay in Kent with a friend. On the Sunday we explored Canterbury and Sandwich. The Cathedral was quite magnificent.

The Vaulted Roof, Canterbury Cathedral
The Vaulted Roof, Canterbury Cathedral