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GNPC Photowalk – London


We had a very long and tiring day out in London with GNPC today. Starting off in St. Katharine’s

Dock, our assignment was to find something which represented the docks but eliminated the clutter. My favourite shot from the morning was this one of WILL [see left]. I enjoyed the walk there, as I haven’t been for many years. Then we headed off along the Thames Path on the north bank to Trafalgar Square, where we were able to grab some lunch amid the chaos of the tourists.

Eros And The Blue Sky
Eros And The Blue Sky

Next stop was Piccadilly Circus where the brief was to find something iconic to take, whilst still trying to be original. That’s quite difficult at such a well-photographed location. My offering was a simple view of Eros with the blue sky and a con trail behind him [see right]

We escaped the early afternoon heat by visiting the Royal Academy to see their Eyewitness exhibition (Hungarian photography of the 20th Century). It was a mixed bag, I thought – some images were really inspiring, others were rather dull. Sometimes from the same photographer! Ah well, I guess art is very subjective.  We also enjoyed a drink or ice cream in the courtyard, during which time I took my image for Day #1308.

Smoke Break - Camden
Smoke Break - Camden

Our final stop on the itinerary was a trip to Camden Market. Suggested subjects were three candid images from the streets and three strangers. The place was absolutely heaving on a Sunday afternoon (we should have known) and to be honest I found it so busy it was overwhelming. I hate crowded places at the best of times, and didn’t really feel my creativity was helped by such circumstances.

I did manage a few candid shots, including these two guys smoking (shot from the hip). But I drew a blank on the strangers, I just could not get into the right frame of mind to approach people.

Six Round Windows
Six Round Windows

So I decided to leave the others to have more fun and set off to Docklands for a quieter evening! I had some dinner at Canary Wharf and then hopped on the tube to North Greenwich to see the Ravensbourne College building next to the O2 – a striking bit of architecture which I’ve been eager to photograph since I first saw pictures of it a few weeks ago. It was a nice relaxed way to end with. Here are my other images from the day:

How To Take… Kids Portraits

I’m not a great proponent of formal portrait for adults, let alone kids. They rarely sit still and pose how you’d like, and I find the pictures usually end up looking stilted and a bit false. I admire photographers who can get good results from the studio, but I prefer a more candid approach.

Here are a selection of pictures I’ve taken of friends’ kiddies.

[Alexander in front of a window, natural light. His mum was behind me]

[Lizzie getting very sticky when we were out having a cake. The table was in a covered courtyard with a great skylight above]

[Alexander gets a push from Dad. Overcast day, so I got rid of as much sky as possible from the composition. At the playground can be a great place for action shots.]

[Conor & Meghan posing in an old wing chair. Natural daylight from a patio door, and a tight crop to get rid of any background intrusions]

[William – was playing with his mum’s hat, as we were about to go out. A bit of fill-in flash gave catchlights in the eyes, without being too harsh on his face]

It’s best to get the children in question doing something – perhaps playing with their toys or dressing up. Or, if you’re lucky, “caught in the act” of getting sticky, etc.

Of course, if the children aren’t yours, you should always get their parents’ permission before taking their picture.