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Greater Lynn, Evesham And Basingstoke Results

Posted by Caz on Friday, 23rd March 2012

I’ve had a few more images accepted in various FIAP and BPE Salons and Exhibitions. The first news came from across the pond where I had entered the Greater Lynn International Exhibition, my first entry to a FIAP-accredited salon in the USA. I was pleased to hear that I’d had one accpetance:

The Path Of Life

The Path Of Life, accepted in the Lynn International Exhibition

The next result was in the Vale of Evesham National Exhibition (with BPE patronage), with this mono image:

With A Dash Of Milk

With A Dash Of Milk, accepted in the Vale of Evesham National Exhibition

Highwalk Curves

Highwalk Curves, accepted in the Basingstoke National Open Photography Exhibition

The other BPE-sponsored Salon was the result from the Basingstoke National Open Photography Exhibition, where another mono image was selected.

So far this year, I’ve only had one result card back without any acceptances (from the 4th Luxemburg International), but overall I’m pretty pleased with my recent entries and results. I will keep plugging away and am currently looking at sending off entries for the next batch of competitions.