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July '09 Review

Take A Seat Or FourJuly was a rather mixed bag for pictures. It seemed to be rather wet at times, or if not actually raining, the sun was sometimes a little bit hard to find.

The sun was certainly out in force in Barcelona, where I was visiting friends at the beginning of the month.

This image [left] was taken around noon on Day #549. It was a close-run contender for the best image, but instead I went with the typically-Spanish Paella which we enjoyed for lunch.

SpineThere were several days during the month when I didn’t take many pictures. I enjoyed some geocaching trips but the scenery wasn’t always very picturesque.

The spiney picture [right] was a contender for Day #561 when Alistair & I went on a massive caching mission around Edney Common. I liked the lines and abstract quality of it.

1-2-3-4I went with a bunch of Geek friends to visit Bletchley Park one Saturday. There was loads of old computer gear in the Museum of Computing – this rather colourful panel on an analogue computer took my fancy. It would have been pic of the day on Day #565 but that honour had to go to the mechanics of the Turing Bombe.

I was out geocaching again on Day #571, with the lovely Foxton, and of course he had to be the star of the day.

Busy Bee

However, I did rather like this busy bee [above] which we found during our walk.

I had to take an evening trip up to London on Day #575 and passed St Thomas’ Hospital near London Bridge Station. This was a rather striking view of one of the buildings:

Wavy WallIn the end, I went withe the colourful shot, but this b&w image was rather interesting.

Texture & Tone in Monochrome

The right lighting is vital for conveying the texture and defining the tone in monochrome pictures.

Strong side lighting on the subject will create the best emphasis of light and shadow.

Soft lighting will lead to a more subdued image with smaller tonal range:

  • Images with lots of dark tones are said to be “low-key”
  • Images with lots of light tones are said to be “high-key”


[Cycle Lane – with a predominance of dark tones in the picture, this is definitely a low-key image]

[Mist Over The Farm – even though this has a very bright sky, the images is more low-key than high-key, with the dark silhouettes in the foreground dominating the image]

[Grey Horizons – this is probably more high-key than low-key – there is a predominance of paler tones, with only a few darker shapes]

[And Let Thy Feet… with only one small area of black in the frame, this is a high-key image]