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Day #285

Posted by Caz on Monday, 12th October 2015

Day #285Title: Skeleton
Location: Terling, Essex
Camera: Ilford Advocate / Dallmeyer Anastigmat 35mm f/3.5
Film: Agfa APX 100
Notes: I found this dilapidated old barn while out walking near Terling this afternoon. The ivy was certainly encroaching – I wonder how long it will take to completely engulf it?
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2842

Day #272

Posted by Caz on Tuesday, 29th September 2015

Day #272Title: Creeping Veins
Location: Ramsden Heath, Essex
Camera: Braun Paxette IIM / Pointikar 45mm f/2.8
Film: Ilford Delta 100 (expired)
Notes: I’m always fascinated just how much evidence of ivy remains, even when it appears to have been removed. This was on a railway bridge in Ramsden Heath.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2829

Day #237

Posted by Caz on Tuesday, 25th August 2015

Day #237Title: The Face On The Gate
Location: Great Baddow, Essex
Camera: Foth Derby II / Foth Anastigmat 50mm f/3.5
Film: Rera Pan 100
Notes: I spotted this curious little chap during a footpath survey in Great Baddow. The Derby’s quirky rotation effect is less evident here, but the leaky bellows are much in evidence! Gotta love a bit of grunge…
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2792