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Day #235

Day #235Title: Townsford Mill Reflections
Location: Halstead, Essex
Camera: Foth Derby II / Foth Anastigmat 50mm f/3.5
Film: Rera Pan 100
Notes: Today I went to a geocaching social meet up in Halstead. Afterwards I went for a wander in the town to look for pictures. I was testing out my newly-arrived Foth Derby II – a little folding strut camera made between 1931-1936. It looks to be in very good condition and handled well. Having developed the film, I realise several things are going on with it – the white pin-prick highlights are probably from minute holes in the bellows. You can’t see it much in this shot, but others have severe striping horizontally across the frame – probably from thinning of the cloth focal-plane shutter. But the most interesting thing is that most of the shots from this roll appear to have some weird refracted image of the scene to one side, slightly rotated and at different angles. I haven’t made a double exposure on any of them – I was very careful to wind the film on after each frame. I have looked through the lens elements with the shutter open, there’s nothing obviously broken or out of alignment. I suppose I should be disappointed, but actually it gives each image a completely unique look, so I have decided to embrace its quirkiness! And this shot makes a great image for Treasure Hunt Theme #55 – Spin.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2790