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Day #209

Posted by Caz on Tuesday, 28th July 2015

Day #209Title: Ornate Top
Location: Hatfield Forest, Essex
Camera: Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35 / Tessar 45mm f/2.8
Film: Ilford Delta 100 (expired 06/12)
Notes: The UK Mega Essex 2015 geocaching festival activities today took us to Hatfield Forest. Rather than paying the £5 parking charge in the park, I drew up next to the little church to the east of the forest, where I found this rather ornate headstone.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2764

Day #196

Posted by Caz on Wednesday, 15th July 2015

Day #196Title: Fancy Finial Top
Location: Chelmsford, Essex
Camera: Yashica 44 Black / Yashikor 60mm f/3.5
Film: Agfa APX100
Notes: Another day out with the modified Yashica 44 Black – this was a fancy detail on top of one of the gravestones in the churchyard of Chelmsford Cathedral.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2751

Day #162

Posted by Caz on Thursday, 11th June 2015

Day #162Title: Roman Engineering
Location: Chesters Roman Fort, Chollerton, Northumberland
Camera: Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex T1 / Tessar 75mm f/3.5
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: The archaeology at Chesters Roman Fort made a good subject for today’s image. Those Romans sure knew how to build things to last!
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2719