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Day #57 – Sigfig Outing To Billund!

Day #57What a very exciting day we have had! Little Caz and some YouTube sigfig friends went on a crazy day trip to Denmark to visit the LEGO House. Here are Ruth & Pucky from Adorabuild, JC from Small Brick City, the Legolamaniac & Vega the cat, Robin Hull, Zabadak, Jakob from Brick Bakery and Twitter friend rdflego with Caz outside the house, waiting to go in.

Day #39 – Movie Premiere!

Day #39Today is the day that the tiny residents of Blockville have been waiting for! Yes, it’s Premiere day for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. There was much excitement as a large gang of sigfigs queued up patiently outside the Palace Cinema to catch a glimpse of their heroes, Benny, Emmet, Lucy and Rex Dangervest! Along with Sigfig Caz, you can also see Jakob from Brick Bakery, JC from Small Brick City, Bob from robinhullbuilds, Ruth and Pucky from Adorabuild, the Legolamaniac with his cat, Vega and newest arrival, Zabadak!

Day #27 – Sunday Submarine Fun

Day #27Little Caz met up with some of her SigFig buddies today for a visit to Blockville’s Mount Clutchmore Funland theme park. They took a ride in the Yellow Submarine Simulator which was great fun. Here you can see Caz with Jakob from the Brick Bakery, Robin Hull and Legolamaniac (with his cat Vega about to jump out).

Day #24 – There’s A Maniac In Town!

Day #24We got home from our little vacation by the sea to find that a new resident has arrived in Blockville. We spotted the mysterious time-travelling Legolamaniac and his charming cat Vega wandering around Airjitsu Market. Looks like Vega has already made a new friend prepared to feed her with a big fish! I’m sure Mr Maniac will also make friends with the locals really soon.