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Stranger #40 – Todd

Posted by Caz on Friday, 27th June 2014

Stranger #40 - Todd

Meet Todd

I met Todd in the Billiard Room of Glasgow’s Willow Tea Rooms. He was Artist-In-Residence there for the month of June, painting each day among an exhibition of his work. He hails from Pasadena in California, but has Scottish ancestors. He came to Edinburgh for a 4-month Artist In Residence stint – 25 years later, he’s still in Scotland! He loves the Art Deco/Art Nouveau period style and architecture, something which was obvious from his work.  Having trained in Oils, he now works mostly in Acrylics, painting images with plenty of bold colour and a strong sense of design. Todd, it was a delight to talk to you, thanks for your time!

Stranger #39 – Jenny

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 9th February 2014

Stranger #39 - Jenny

Meet Jenny

Jenny is Owen’s (Stranger #38) wife. They were walking along The Mall together, on their way to the Science Museum to see a photographic exhibition. Owen asked me to guess Jenny’s occupation. From her dress, it suggested she was in a chic profession so I said something to do with fashion? Not quite – she works in the theatre making hats for costumes. Both Jenny and Owen were lovely to talk to, thanks for spending the time.

Stranger #38 – Owen

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 9th February 2014

Stranger #38 - Owen
Meet Owen

After my success with Stranger #37, I walked a little further back towards Admiralty Arch. On the way I encountered Owen and his wife Jenny (Stranger #39). They both stood out as being characters in the way they were dressed and were happily chatting to each other. I explained that I would like to take their portraits and they readily agreed. Owen is a photographic technician at a local college, which means he sets up studio equipment for the students or advises them how to use their cameras, amongst other duties. I made quite a few pictures of him as he was talking, but this was the first – and the best – when he quite spontaneously pointed at his mug with those great red gloves! Thanks for participating, Owen.

Stranger #37 – Leonard

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 9th February 2014

Stranger #37 - Leonard
Meet Leonard

Even though I had met my photo course challenge (to make at least 3 portraits of strangers in 10 minutes) with Strangers #33, #34, #35 and #36, I felt I was on a roll and decided to have a go at a few more. I spotted Leonard from across the road, as his bright orange coat stood out from the pale buildings behind him. I also noticed a large Canon camera around his neck, so thought he might be receptive to my approach as he was a photographer himself. He agreed and we chatted about his camera for a while. He’s from Chile and visiting London for the second time. Even though the weather wasn’t very good, he was making the most of it and had just come from taking pictures at Buckingham Palace. He wanted to head for Trafalgar Square next. Thanks for taking the time to chat, Leonard, it was lovely to meet you.

Stranger #36 – Jamie

Posted by Caz on Sunday, 9th February 2014

Stranger #36 - Jamie
Meet Jamie

Jamie was stranger number four from the family group I approached walking along The Mall. He was with his brother Rory (Stranger #33), Mum and Dad (Strangers #34 and #35). I had completed my photo course challenge (we had been asked to photograph at least 3 strangers in 10 minutes). I’m not sure if he lives in London (as his brother does) or if he was just visiting. Either way, he was happy to pose for a picture. Thanks to the whole family for being such good sports and helping me out with the project.