Fun And Flying With Geeks!

Today we came to Canterbury for BarCamp Canterbury4. It was Sunny and Birdy’s first BarCamp but Mr Duck is a veteran of many previous ones with Alistair, so he showed them the ropes.

Alert! It's Mr Duck!
Alert! It’s Mr Duck!

After listening to some interesting talks, it was time for lunch. There was a great selection of sandwiches and snacks – Sunny and Birdy tucked in quickly.

Nom Nom It's Lunchtime
Nom Nom It’s Lunchtime

In the afternoon, some of the BarCampers were given lessons in how to fly a friend’s AR Drone Quadcopter. But Sunny and Birdy went one better and hitched a ride!

Ready For Take Off!
Ready For Take Off!

They squealed with delight as they flew across the room, enjoying the view.

We're Airbourne!! Weeee!
We’re Airbourne!! Weeee!

It’s the first time that a Domo has been able to look me in the eye…

Flying High
Flying High

After all that excitement, they needed a drink, so the next session on home-brewing beer by the Kent Hop Hackers (with free samples) was very welcome! All in all, they had a great time and enjoyed their BarCamp experience very much.

A Refreshing Sample
A Refreshing Sample

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