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Challenge 52 – Week #51

Hands Up If You Want To Swim...
Hands Up If You Want To Swim…

I thought I only brought three Kens with me for my walk today, but it seems I was wrong! We found this silly No Bathing sign by the lock gate at Sandford Mill. I didn’t think anyone would be daft enough to want to take a dip, but when I asked, it seems I was wrong. Anyway, the crazy Kens helped me out with this week’s theme, Multiple Exposure. If they went swimming, they’d certainly get exposure at this time of year!

Green Ken Loves To Recycle

Recyling The Food Waste
Green Ken Helps To Recyle Our Food Waste

With all the Domos that live here, you’d be surprised that we’ve got any food waste at all.

But sometimes there are veggie peelings, shrivelled grapes and limp lettuce which have gone past their best which need sorting and taking to the food recycling bin.

Green Ken is often keen to lend a hand, but makes sure he takes a nice hot shower afterwards to keep himself smelling fragrant.

Thanks for your help, Ken!