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Challenge 52 – Week #51

Hands Up If You Want To Swim...
Hands Up If You Want To Swim…

I thought I only brought three Kens with me for my walk today, but it seems I was wrong! We found this silly No Bathing sign by the lock gate at Sandford Mill. I didn’t think anyone would be daft enough to want to take a dip, but when I asked, it seems I was wrong. Anyway, the crazy Kens helped me out with this week’s theme, Multiple Exposure. If they went swimming, they’d certainly get exposure at this time of year!

Challenge 52 – Week #46

Toytown Boats
Toytown Boats

This week’s challenge, Tilt-Shift, had been hanging over me and I had not had time to do anything about it. Today was the last day I could take it, so I made and effort to get out with Cumulus the big Domo to try and find a suitable location.Eventually I managed to get something usable at Sandford Mill Lock, with Domo overlooking the tiny toytown boats in the distance.